What is Screen printing?

Screen printing is one of our most popular and versatile decoration techniques. Screen printing can be done on almost any flat surface, in almost any colour and with a variety of special effects, although in practice these special effects are rarely used.

As we specailise in outdoor signage, the vast majority of screen printing we supply happens on water proof substrates such as vinyl or polyester although you can also screen print onto paper and cardboard stock. The advantages of screen printing as opposed to other techniques are low cost and a large surface area. As with most forms of printing, the cost of screen printing increases with the number of colours used so it's advisable to keep the number of colours used to a minimum, especially for quantities below 250.

The inks we use are UV stable as are the substrates and under normal outdoor conditions are good for 4 to 5 years – Even longer for some colours!

Do not confuse UV stable inks with UV cured inks. Some screen printers will use UV CURED inks. These are not the same as UV STABLE inks and the labels will not last as long.

The difference is the UV CURED (as the name suggest) are quickly dried under a UV lamp. This speeds up the printing process and that's why some quotes could be cheaper.

Can I suggest that you ask all others quoting to verify that they are using UV STABLE products for this job, not just UV  or UV CURED.

Screen printing is the best method for the production of bumper stickers, decals, corflute (real estate) signs, safety signs, door hangers, shelf talkers,etc